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Supply Chain of 20+ countries

Ming Jun is Hong Kong's top distributor, wholesaler of 

high-quality used iPhone of Japan / US / Hong Kong Specification.

Our warehouse and testing hub are located in Hong Kong.

We had a consistent and reliable supply from the EU, US, Japan, Taiwan, and South East Asia. With globally acknowledged, recommended and certified mobile sourcing services, we continue to grow the number of innovative solutions.

Be Sustainable

At MING JUN, we work closely with our partnering companies to extend the life cycle of products.

We worked together with verified partners to repair defective components, reuse harvested parts and recycle the residue parts.

Certifications & Standards

Certified Wireless Dealer (HK)

MING JUN is a certified dealer of wireless gadgets in Hong Kong.

Verified Testing-Hub

MING JUN has a high internal standard on every gadget we sell. A testing hub has been set up to remove all non-confirming pieces.

Import & Export Permit

RTA  transit and air transhipment cargo import/export permit under sections 9A and 9B of the Hong Kong's Ordinance.

OEM & dropship Policy

Clear Internal guidelines for OEM & dropshipping services to fulfil customs clearance requirementr

Ming Jun

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Room 917, 9/F, 1 Hung To Road, Kwun Tong, Hong Kong

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