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Services I Provide 

More than 100 existing customers from Nigeria

Being a trusted supplier, we've been gathering more than 100 customers reselling in Nigeria, mainly in Lagos computer village.

High Quality

All units checked to guarantee no functional problems.

All models available

From iPhone 6 to iPhone 15 are all available.

Most reliable supplier to Nigeria

Our devices undergo a rigorous testing process to ensure that they meet our standards of quality. As a result, many sellers have turned to us for their inventory needs.

Our Specialty

2 Test Hubs in Hong Kong

MING JUN TELECOM is the go-to destination for wholesale used iPhones. We have two test hubs in Hong Kong where every phone is carefully inspected and tested before being sold, providing the highest quality used iPhones on the market.

Reliable Package

We have  well-structured shipping system provides customers with reliable and secure delivery.

Everyday update stocklist

MING JUN TELECOM provides used iPhone wholesale services to offer our customers the best value and quality. We strive to provide the most up-to-date stocklist every day, so you will never miss out on the best deals.

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