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Our Products

Used iPhone with all models

Used iPhones in all models starting from iPhone 7 to iPhone 14 Pro Max.

With a variety of specifications including Japan, US, Hong Kong specification.

Different cosmetic conditions are available from A+, A, B+ to B grades.

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Ming Jun is Hong Kong's top distributor, wholesaler of high-quality pre-owned iPhones.

Our warehouse and testing hub is located in Hong Kong.

With an annual turnover exceeding 100,000 Units of iPhones.

We had a consistent and reliable supply from the EU, US, Japan, Taiwan, and South East Asia.

Ming Jun aimed to provide industry-leading solutions to phone retailers to maximize their sustainability in a manner that builds exceptional value for customers.

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Hong Kong's Top 1 Phone Distributor

Latest Available Stocks

Latest Update


MAY 12 ⏤ 2023

Japan Version A Grade iPhone XR 128GB

Japan Version iPhone XR 128GB in A grade condition with large volume for wholesale. Sim-free Mixed Color batch that facilitates resellers.


MAY 10 ⏤ 2023

US Version A Grade iPhone 7 Plus

iPhone 7 Plus as a old model still have its competitive nature: home button and big screen to attract people in buying it. Ming Jun International Telecom provides global market with all models starting from iPhone 7 to iPhone 14 Pro Max.


June 02 ⏤ 2023

Wholesale iPhone 11 128GB Japan Version

Manifesting used iPhone 11 128GB in mixed color combination with A grade condition for wholesale. Mixed-color stocks are better than single-color stocks as they can fulfill the taste of a variety of customers in a reseller's shop.


June 03 ⏤ 2023

Doing Basic Functional Testing in our Test Centre

Our company has test centres in Hong Kong to undergo basic functional testing for all the used phones we collected.


June 03 ⏤ 2023

Everyday Shipment to worldwide

Our company supplies the world with more than 10,000 units of used iPhones weekly.

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